District Ultras Shop

1. Can I pick up my purchase at a "tailgate," or prior to a game?  

YES!  If you want to pick up your purchase at a tailgate instead of having the merch shipped, use the discount code PICKUP at check out.

2. Do you have color pics available for your merch?  

Sure do, via our Merch Album in the DU Facebook Group:

3. Is this all the merch you have for sale? 

No, we are working to get all our items online.  Have questions about merch found in the Merch Album on Facebook, contact us with your questions: [email protected]

4. How does the shirt sizing work? 

Great question, dudebro.  All shirts are currently unisex.  Please see the Glidan sizing chart here.

5. Will your shirts shrink?

Yes a bit, however they are pre-shrunk.  We have found that if you wash as the label instructs. We advise against using the dryer as air drying will keep the size the same through out the shirts life. Its time to grow up and learn how to launder your clothes.

6. How do I become a member of the District Ultras?  

Its as simple as buying a scarf or flag. We don't believe in creating a member card, so don't expect to receive one.  Other District Ultras will know you by your scarf you wear or the flag you carry.  Welcome aboard, and don't forget to bring the 90 Minute Mentality.

7. I want to pre-pay and pick up merch at a tailgate, how do I do that?  

Simple, use the discount code PICKUP at check out.  We will hold your purchas and you will be able to pick it up at our pregame festivities.

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